Spain: HAM now offers natural gas at Beroil’s station in Fuentecén

Spain: HAM now offers natural gas at Beroil’s station in Fuentecén

It is now possible to refuel on the LNG mobile unit located at the BeroilFuentecén service station, located on the N-122 Valladolid-Soria, km 286. The N-122 is a national road that connects Aragon with Castilla y León and Portugal, through the Douro Valley. It crosses the cities of Soria, Valladolid and Zamora. Its entrance into the province of Burgos is located next to the Duero River, crossing the towns of Fresnillo de las Dueñas, Aranda de Duero and Castrillo de la Vega, an undivided variant of Fuentecén and Nava de Roa.

The new mobile LNG unit was designed and built by Grupo HAM, and its installation has been possible thanks to Beroil’s commitment to an environmentally friendly fuel. It is a company for the sale and distribution of hydrocarbons, which has a wide network of service stations.

The mobile station allows refilling LNG to trucks and heavy vehicles, offering 24/7 service throughout the year.

HAM currently has 51 service stations, between fixed and mobile, distributed in Spain and the main points of European land transport routes. Moreover, the company’s mobile units have become a benchmark in the sector, ensuring that clients can enjoy all the advantages of LNG and CNG quickly, efficiently and safely. The latest mobile natural gas stations can be found at HAM Benavente, HAM Murcia, and Lidl Suiza.

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