Morocco considers three regasification units

In addition to the announced regasification units in Nador port, Morocco is also considering adding two plants on the Atlantic to bolster its energy security, according to media reports.

Natural gas is considered as a transition energy that would help the country reduce its footprint and boost its industry’s competitiveness.

Morocco had announced earlier last month a road map that “is in line with Morocco’s steady commitment to foster its energy sovereignty and decarbonize its economy as well as to boost connectivity with regional and international markets.” “It also aims to reinforce coordination between public authorities in order to accelerate sustainable gas infrastructure development,” the Moroccan government said in a statement.

The road map will span several years as it seeks to equip Morocco with LNG import facilities including storage and transport.

“On the short term, it aims to build gas pipelines connecting domestic gas fields with consumers as well as the development of an LNG terminal in Nador West Med port that is designed to be connected to the Maghreb-Europe pipeline,” according to the statement.

The project would add momentum to Morocco’s renewable energy push and is also conducive to Morocco’s offer to promote investments in Hydrogen as well as its planned gas pipeline with Nigeria.

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