India CGD Forum Organized a webinar on Collaboration between City Gas Distribution and Electricity Distribution Companies to Accelerate Transition to Gas Based Economy, on July 15, 2021. 



Safety Practices in CGD Industries

Date – October 13, 2020 Time 2.30 – 5.30 PM Platform – MS Teams

Key Note Address :Manoj Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL; Address by: E.S.Ranganathan, Director (Marketing), GAIL;  Event Coordinator: V C Chittida, Sr Consultant and CGD Convenor 

A Webinar on Safety in CGD Industry was organized by NGS on 13th October 2020 from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. 114 members participated in the Webinar..

Mr. Rajeev Mathur, Executive Director, GAIL & Head, Governing Council, NGSdelivered the welcome address In his address Mr. Mathur highlighted the objective of the Safety Webinar and aporeciated the efforts of NGS in organising such Webinar / Workshop bringing together CGD industries to share their views and deliberate the issues faced by them. .

Mr. Manoj Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL (India) Ltd. delivered the Key Note address. In his inaugural and key note address, Mr. Manoj Jain emphasized the importance of safety in view of the extensive spread of CGD network across the length and breadth of the country.

Mr. E.S. Ranganathan, Director (Marketing), GAIL also addressed the participants. In his address, he highlighted the need and importance of implementing safety during the O&M of CGD companies. He further stated that periodic safety review meetings needs to be undertaken to trace deviations, shortfalls with changing time. 

The Webinar was divided into 3 sessions in total (excluding the Inaugural Session). Each Session was headed by a Session Chair and conducted by a Moderator. Panel discussions and Presentations were made related to the vital aspects of Safety in CGD industry. 

The Inaugural Session was followed by Panel Discussion.  


Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP), Regulations, 2010

Safe Loading &Unloading of LNG Truck / Lorry

Case Study – “Rupture of Unapt Gas Cylinder at IGL CNG Station”

Safety in Supply of NG to Domestic, Industrial & Commercial Connections in Enclosed Buildings

Supply of NG to Multi Occupancy Residential buildings

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O & M Activities for City Gas Distribution
during the Pandemic Challenges and Way Forward

Date – August 18, 2020 Time 2.00 – 5.00 PM  Platform – MS Teams

Key Note Address: E.S.Ranganathan, Director (Marketing), GAIL

Speakers: Rajeev Mathur, Executive Director, GAIL, A K Jana, Managing Director, IGL, S Murali, Sr Vice President, MGL, Anupam Mukhopadhyay, COO, GAIL Gas

Event Coordinator: V C Chittida, Sr Consultant and CGD Convenor 

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CGD Sector seeks relief from MoPNG, PNGRB to help revival after the adverse COVID19 impact 

The city Gas Companies have represented to the  Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and the PNGRB about the severe impact on the city gas sector owing to the lockdown following the COVID19 pandemic and have sought help in swift revival of activities through procedural and financial interventions.


In letters addressed separately to both the MoPNG and the PNGRB for assistance in their respective domains, by NGS, the sector has sought, among other things.

 To defer minimum work program by at least 24 months for the 9th and 10th round of CGD activity.

 Consider allocation of APM and NAPM gas for H1 of 2020-21, and H2 of 2020-21 if possible, based on quantities reported to PPAC for the period of October 2019 to February 2020.

 To direct gas suppliers and transporters to bill CGD entities only for the quantities they consumed at normal prices / rates without any additional charges like excess gas, take-or-pay, imbalance etc. till normal consumption resumes, i.e. officially declaring Covid-19 as a force majeure.

 Relaxation/ rationalization in the Performance Bank Guarantee norms by the PNGRB as a special case.

 Exemption of the CGD sector from Excise Duty (14%) and a deferment of Statutory Tax compliance at least till September-December, 2020.

 To host the CGD Policy on the PNGRB web page.

 Assist the industry by taking up with PESO for swift clearance.

 Assistance with State, local authorities in swift grant of approvals and clearances.


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