About Us

The Natural Gas Society (NGS), a registered body, is the emerging voice of the Indian Natural Gas industry and has been established to catalyse the development of the industry. NGS seeks to establish itself as an industry think tank and provide critical inputs into sectoral policy through research, collaboration and dialogue. It will also work towards the enhancement of India’s natural gas industry’s competitiveness in global energy markets. NGS will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices for the Indian gas industry, especially in the transmission and distribution segments of the gas value chain.

NGS also supports the optimisation of resources and continual improvement of safety and service aspects of the entire gas chain keeping the interests of all stakeholders in mind, through the promotion of development, application and transfer of new technologies and best practices. It aims to strategically popularise extensive use of natural gas and attract investment into the sector. Skill development and capacity building are other important aspects of NGS’s agenda for which it aims to develop regular educational and training programmes for all stakeholders.

Keeping in view the country’s special requirements for widespread geographical penetration of natural gas usage, one of NGS’s focus areas is City Gas Distribution (CGD) companies. A CGD Forum has been set up to foster collaboration between industry players and address crucial problems. At the regional level, NGS is the Secretariat for the Asian LNG Market forum aimed at creating a platform of exchange and cooperation for companies, LNG importers and energy research institutes to safeguard the interests and benefits of major LNG consumers in Asia.


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