Spain: 20% of TLX’s vehicle fleet already operates on natural gas

Spain: 20% of TLX’s vehicle fleet already operates on natural gas

Transporting more, contributing to social improvement and minimizing environmental impact, are the objectives of Transporte y Logística TLX, the Murcia-based company specialized in local and national transport of goods, by incorporating four Scania trucks powered by LNG into its fleet. These four vehicles, added to those already in circulation, represent 20% of natural gas vehicles over the total fleet.

The Scania trucks feature a 13-liter 410HP engine and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm, powered by LNG, and work in conjunction with Scania Opticruise, the brand’s fully automated transmission.

“The transport sector is a fundamental and essential factor in our society, not only to distribute goods anywhere in the world, allowing to supply basic products, but also plays an vital role in the transport and mobility of people. Along these lines, we continue working to achieve safe, efficient and responsible transportation, betting on innovation,” said Ángel Sánchez, director of TLX.

In its mission to offer customers the best distribution with means that reduce emissions and contribute to the environment, TLX is committed to incorporating efficient and eco-friendly vehicles into its fleet. In this way, the company offers a service with a greater distribution load while reducing its emissions, continuing with its firm intention of contributing to sustainable mobility and offering a quality service to its customers.

The purchase is accompanied by a repair and maintenance contract. Likewise, drivers will receive training to obtain the maximum performance from the vehicle, perform efficient driving in the search for lower fuel consumption and the simple refueling of LNG in an agile and safe way.

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