Scania Argentina & province of Salta announce alliance to trial CNG bus

Scania has delivered a CNG test bus to SAETA S.A., company that operates passenger transport in the city of Salta, to carry out its operations under real conditions for 30 days. The Scania vehicle will transport an average of 2,200 passengers per day and will cover the route of Line 1A connecting Ciudad Valdivia, in the south of the city, crossing the downtown area until reaching the February 20 monument, covering about 30 kilometers per lap.

“We are pleased to be able to sign this alliance with the province of Salta and SAETA to strengthen this path towards more efficient and more sustainable transportation. We are convinced that the use of natural gas as fuel is currently our best option to take care of the environment and significantly reduce operating costs,” said Ramiro Patron Uriburu, NOA Regional Manager of Scania Argentina.

To join the fleet, Scania trained a group of drivers who will be in charge of the vehicle. As a differential, these vehicles collect valuable information on driving performance and thus help to maintain an excellent driving technique, with fuel efficiency, focused on safety and on the reduction of polluting gas emissions.

“This is the first bus to be tested for a period of one month and, based on the results, we will advance its implementation. It already has all the technology of SAETA vehicles incorporated. The idea is to make an important fleet renewal in the eight corridors,” commented SAETA vice president Laura Montarcé, who explained that the idea is to add more sustainable buses, with less noise, but especially with less impact on the environment.

“This is not just a question of replacing vehicles or reducing costs, but also of caring for the environment. The use of alternative fuels is increasingly present and more in a province like ours,” added the Minister of Government, Human Rights, Labor and Justice of the province of Salta Ricardo Villada, who was also present at the delivery of the vehicle. .

Source: Scania Argentina

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