Scania Argentina delivers second CNG unit to Mendoza’s bus operator

Scania Argentina delivers second CNG unit to Mendoza’s bus operator

Scania delivered a CNG-powered bus to the Mendoza Transportation Society (STM), the company that operates passenger transport in the province, which will test it under real conditions for 60 days. The demo vehicle belongs to the Scania Green Efficiency line, allowing a 40% reduction in operating costs and directly impacting people’s quality of life by producing 50% less noise and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With an average of 250 km per day, the Scania bus will provide service on lines 110, 120, 125 and 130 of the STM, which run from Panquehua, Las Heras, to Puente Olive, Godoy Cruz, passing through neuralgic points such as the National University of Cuyo, the Mendoza Bus Terminal and the General San Martín Park.

“The use of natural gas as fuel is currently our best option to take care of the environment and significantly reduce operating costs, that is why we are developing various projects that seek to strengthen this path towards more efficient and more sustainable transportation,” said Sandro Milazzotto, Regional Manager of the Cuyo Zone of Scania Argentina.

The president of STM, Daniel Vilches, and the Director of Transportation of the Secretariat of Public Services, Luis Borrego, participated in the delivery. During the meeting, the authorities signed a strategic alliance focused on continuing to seek and offer solutions for a more sustainable transportation, being the CNG bus trial the first step in this journey.

It should be remembered that another CNG bus has been operating since November and that the Mendoza transport company, responsible for the MendoTRAN trunk routes, was chosen to carry out the first test in the country with this type of propulsion system.

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