Renault CNG truck makes deliveries for big Catalan supermarket chain

Renault CNG truck makes deliveries for big Catalan supermarket chain

Transportes Bosch Portillo added to its fleet a Renault Trucks D Wide 320 CNG truck for distribution to PlusFrésc, a supermarket chain in Catalonia. The new vehicle will carry out urban distribution, with deliveries in the city of Barcelona in the morning and deliveries in the center of Lleida and some points on the outskirts of the province in the afternoon.

The relationship between Transportes Bosch Portillo and PlusFrésc began in 2000, when the supermarket chain, initially with two stores, decided to outsource its transport service. Subsequently, new points and new vehicles adapted to market demands were added, with a clear commitment to both customer service and the environment. Today, Bosch Portillo performs 100% of the delivery service to PlusFrésc, originating from its headquarters to the 77 available stores.

“The future of urban transport is clearly marked by more sustainable logistics, which affects both environmental efficiency and the decongestion of cities at peak hours,” according to PlusFrésc.

Portillo Bosch considers “transport a basic pillar in economic development, and the future is to develop alternative fuels, promote the change to other modes of transport, intermodality, innovative solutions and the integration of reverse and outbound logistics.”

The 18-ton Renault D Wide 320 P4x2 CNG truck, which Bosch Portillo decided to acquire after a successful test carried out through the official distributor Motor Tàrrega, allows a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, thanks to an engine that barely emits particles in its use and manages to eliminate both fumes and noise. According to Renault Trucks, the model “has offered results that have led them to choose it as the best option with which to contribute to cleaner logistics in the city.”

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