Peru: Trujillo provincial municipality supports conversion of taxis to CNG

Peru: Trujillo provincial municipality supports conversion of taxis to CNG

Seeking that the more than 30,000 taxi drivers of Trujillo can access competitive conditions in the transport sector and alleviate their family economy, Mayor José Ruiz Vega promised to negotiate with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) and the pertinent instances the validation of the change of system from LPG to CNG.

“We are here to listen to them, because we have seen their struggle. We are working for governance, since all social conflicts have a considerable impact on our city, and we have to manage support for the sectors most affected by the crisis that we are going through in the country,” said the head of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo.

During the meeting, carriers, especially taxi drivers, asked the mayor to intercede so they can convert the system of their vehicles from LPG to CNG. Although there is a law since November of last year to finance half of the budget needed to change the fuel source, there are still no regulations, so it cannot be made effective.

“The system change is from 3,000 to 3,500 soles. For this reason, we ask the mayor for help, to intercede with the Executive, since the price of fuel has been reduced, but LPG continues to cost the same and, taking into account that 85% of taxi drivers use LPG, we are harmed,” emphasized Gustavo Palma, a member of the Confederation of Public Carriers of La Libertad.

In the meeting, the mayor indicated that he, together with the leaders, will negotiate with the ministries involved. In addition, he will convene a meeting with service station operators to coordinate the implementation of pumps that supply natural gas.

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