One of Europe’s largest bio-LNG plants under construction in Italy

One of Europe’s largest bio-LNG plants under construction in Italy

HAM Group and HAM Italy are developing in Faenza, Italy, one of the largest facilities in Europe producing 100% biomethane for transportation, with an estimated annual capacity of 9 million kilos, equivalent to 140GWh/year. The project starts from the biogas generated by two digesters owned by Caviro Spa, an Italian wine cooperative, where they recover by-products derived from the wine and agri-food chain, which is transformed into biogas.

FNX Liquid Natural Gas, a subsidiary of the HAM Group, is in charge of designing and manufacturing the equipment necessary to purify the biogas, up to CO2 contents below 50 ppm, suitable for liquefying; as well as the liquefaction train that allows obtaining bio-LNG ready for transportation, bound for service stations. The entire installation works with electricity of renewable origin, not producing polluting emissions nor greenhouse gases.

This project will contribute to the circular economy, favoring the local economy, generating employment, returning resources and nutrients to the soil, and as a sustainable alternative to incineration or landfills. It will also allow energy independence, as it does not have to depend on international markets or large corporations, having an important supply terminal in Italy.

In addition, the new biomethane plant will allow a reduction of more than 600,000 km/year in road traffic of the LNG tanks with which the HAM Group currently supplies northern Italy, from the port terminals, thus reducing transport in general and CO2 emissions.

HAM Group, with the development of one of the largest European bio-LNG plants for vehicle use, offers a comprehensive solution to customers who have biogas, taking charge of designing, manufacturing and operating all the necessary equipment that allows optimizing the process: upgrading, compression, liquefaction, transportation through virtual gas pipeline and sale of biomethane at service stations.

Source: HAM Group

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