New H2Bus Consortium will boost zero-emission public transportation


New H2Bus Consortium will boost zero-emission public transportation

Hexagon Composites, together with other leading hydrogen players, announced the establishment of the H2Bus Consortium. The members of the consortium are committed to deploying 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses along with supporting infrastructure in European cities at commercially competitive rates. The full realization of this project is expected to culminate in the largest hydrogen bus order till date.

Hexagon’s business areas Agility Fuel Solutions and Hexagon Purus will provide hydrogen fuel solutions to bus OEMs, for use in public transport fleets as well as high capacity trailers for distribution of hydrogen. This ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell bus solution will be the most cost-effective truly zero-emission option available, with a single-decker bus price below €375,000 after funding, a hydrogen price between €5 and €7 per kilogram and a service cost of €0.30 per kilometer.

“This project showcases our technology leadership and capability to offer hydrogen storage systems to support public transport agencies in reaching their sustainability goals,” said Rick Rashilla, Senior Vice President, Hydrogen Automotive of Hexagon Purus. “Together with our partners we are committed to deploying the most cost effective, truly zero-emission option available.”

The first phase of the project, totaling 600 buses, is supported by €40 million from EU’s Connecting European Facilities (CEF1) program. The funding will enable the deployment of 200 hydrogen fuel cell buses respectively in each of Denmark, Latvia and the UK by 2023.

“For decades, we have supplied CNG fuel systems to European and North American bus manufacturers in various commercial vehicle applications. We’re pleased to apply our experience and capabilities to deliver hydrogen fuel systems into a project of significant magnitude,” said Seung Baik, President of Agility Fuel Solutions. “Where public transport fleets have requirements for long driving range, we believe there is significant potential for hydrogen to play a key role in the zero-emission mobility future.”

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