New CNG intercity minibuses enter service in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

New CNG intercity minibuses enter service in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Citram Aquitaine company, part of the Transdev group, unveiled five Wing minibuses built on a chassis with natural gas engine. These are the first Wing models with a CNG engine to leave Indcar’s factories in 2021. This NGV is available in two versions of the well-known Wing minibus, one measuring 7.7 meters with a PRM platform and the other one of 8 meters with a large trunk capacity.

The new minibuses, which will serve the Gironde and Lot-en-Garone areas, are the shorter version. Equipped with a platform and having a capacity for 24 passengers all seated or 20 passengers and a wheelchair, these vehicles are designed for intercity and school services.

The Wing CNG L7 is available only with IVECO tanks, with a maximum capacity of 246 liters. This is not the case of the 8-meter version, which for not having a wheelchair platform, it can be equipped with expanded tanks allowing it to reach up to 439 liters and that practically double the autonomy of the vehicle without losing passenger seats.

This model is built on an IVECO Daily 70c14 chassis. Indcar presented a few months ago its entire range built on IVECO Daily chassis also in the natural gas version. The strength of this range is that it offers almost all models with original IVECO tanks but also with larger tanks that are unique to Indcar and allows more capacity, doubling the range of the vehicle.

France has a network of 136 CNG stations spread throughout the country, a figure that continues to grow year after year.

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