More Argentine logistics companies choose Scania Green Efficiency line

More Argentine logistics companies choose Scania Green Efficiency line

Scania launched its Green Efficiency line in Argentina at the beginning of 2020, with the aim of offering its customers more sustainable vehicles, which use only alternative fuels. Originally from Arroyito in Cordoba, Transporte Carbajales has a fleet of 60 trucks, of which 52 are Scania, and now it has chosen to incorporate a brand new CNG-powered truck of this environmentally-friendly line.

Dedicated to the transport of aggregates, food and cereals, Carbajales SA mainly delivers products from the Arcor company in different areas of the Northwest and Mesopotamia. The new truck is a R410 6×2, which was equipped with scalable semi-trailers, to carry up to 52.5 tons of total gross combined weight.

“The engine makes almost no noise, it’s a dream!” said Orlando Carbajales, head of the company. “It is always necessary to innovate, and when we learned about the fuel savings that these trucks mean, we made the decision,” he added regarding the 50% reduction in operating costs that the use of CNG offers.

In addition to transporting general cargo, the Córdoba-based company’s trucks are also used for other important tasks: the firm collaborates in the transport of merchandise and the logistics of various solidarity festivals organized by artists from Chaco Salteño.

With decades of experience in the sector, Carbajales SA decided to incorporate a vehicle that is committed to efficient and sustainable transportation. The Green Efficiency line vehicles are designed to run exclusively on alternative fuels, including CNG, LNG and biogas. These options allow, in addition to reducing the client’s operating costs, reducing polluting and noise emissions.

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