Mexican state of Zacatecas adds VW MAN CNG bus for pilot trials


Mexican state of Zacatecas adds VW MAN CNG bus for pilot trials

The Government of the State, through the Secretariat of Urban Development, Housing and Territorial Planning (Seduvot) and the Undersecretariat of Public Transport, launched the test phase of a Volkswagen MAN bus powered by natural gas, with the aim of evaluating aspects such as length, design, interior, fuel and engine performance. Earlier this year, a DINA LINNER G CNG bus was also added to analyze fuel and cost performance, which will allow considering its future integration into the public transport system Platabús.

The head of Seduvot María Guadalupe López Marchant explained that the test will last 10 days, during which three buses (two powered by diesel and one by natural gas) will operate on the usual 15, 17 and Transport of Guadalupe routes, with the legend Bus on Trial.

She added that the trial includes the historic center of Zacatecas, main and feeder routes, in order to verify both performance and operability in the height of the city, topography and passenger capacity, to select the best option of vehicles for the Platabús.

All the tests will conclude in approximately two months, since it is a long-term initiative that contemplates aspects such as integral project, work execution and bus technology implementation; hence the start of operations is expected by 2020. López Marchant urged the public to use the pilot buses to obtain more reliable results.

Noé Orduño, sales manager of Volkswagen MAN, explained that the natural gas bus under trial is a 17-280 CNG model, with 280 hp, automatic transmission, and ultra low noise and reduced emissions. It has a length of 10.5 meters, the engine is placed in the rear, it has braking system through a retarder, and capacity of up to 90 passengers. This model will circulate on the metropolitan boulevard.

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