IVECO, Gruber & HAM join forces on Europe’s first zero-emission corridor

IVECO, Gruber & HAM join forces on Europe’s first zero-emission corridor

IVECO and Gruber Logistics have undertaken a sustainability partnership with IVECO S-WAY biomethane-powered trucks. The vehicles’ first refueling took place during the opening of the bio-LNG station at the Autoporto Sadobre (APS Fuel) service area on Autostrada del Brennero, in northern Italy. The collaboration between Gruber Logistics, APS Fuel and HAM has given way to the first zero-emission green corridor in Europe. The project uses advanced biomass for producing fuel and provides full certification of its supply chain, from production to use.

Bio-LNG is today a firm reality in the field of alternative fuels. The great advantages of methane are the removal of particles the significantly lower emission levels compared to diesel. It is also possible to produce bio-LNG from biomass, so that no CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere. Bio-LNG is slowly gathering momentum in Europe, but as yet there are no solutions to guarantee full traceability of the biomolecule. LNG stations don’t have dedicated installations, so they blend methane generated from fossil fuels with biomethane.

“We are proud that Gruber Logistics, we are linked to through have mutual trust and cooperation, has once again chosen IVECO and is investing with excellence and foresight in biomethane, a green solution we strongly believe in. Today, thanks to continuous investment in products and technology, we are a European leader in alternative propulsion solutions, and biomethane is the present and future of carbon neutral heavy-duty transport,” said Fabrizio Buffa, IVECO Italy Market Alternative Propulsions Manager.

APS Fuel has set up a dedicated supply infrastructure for bio-LNG, in order to keep fossil fuel separate. “Until now, biogas was introduced into the distribution network with normal methane, and is then liquefied or taken to refueling stations where it is blended with fossil fuels. Having built a dedicated storage tank, we are the only refueling station in Europe able to preserve the pureness of biofuel, and by the end of 2021 we will have further upgraded our facility with a hydrogen fueling pump,” stated Roberto Padovani, owner of the station.

Riccardo Piccolo from HAM, the company supplying the bio-LNG, also commented: “Not only is it a fuel that can reduce emissions by 95% compared to diesel, but it also prevents CO2 emissions from agricultural waste, making it a zero-emission fuel.”

“Many people wonder when we will be able to talk about zero-emission transport. Our answer is today. The future we imagine is one of using more low-emission fuels, which can also be used for combined transport. Today we mark a new beginning for the entire European transport sector,” added Martin Gruber, CEO of the eponymous logistics and transport firm.

The involvement of production companies, whose primary objectives include reducing CO2 emissions enhances the relevance of this project. Electrolux, for example, has already joined the project, and became the first to transport their goods using the new biofuel.

Source: IVECO

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