Government of Tijuana supports CNG adoption in public transport

Government of Tijuana supports CNG adoption in public transport

In the presentation of Tijuana’s first natural gas vehicle, a Nissan Urvan, the Tijuana municipal president Juan Manuel Gastélum Buenrostro expressed his support for local public transport to become a national example of clean mobility, according to José. Carmelo Zavala Álvarez, director of the Center for Innovation and Environmental Management (CIGA), entity that collaborates in a project -along Nissan, AccesGas and Graz & Grass- that includes the construction of the first CNG station in the city and the conversion of up to 12,000 vehicles.

Zavala Álvarez informed that during the event the mayor commented that achieving clean transport is one of the first strategic tasks of the new Sustainable Urban Mobility Secretariat, once that the decree that formalizes its creation is published in the Official Newspaper of the State. He added that the opportunity to achieve the clean transportation that Tijuana deserves to become the best city in Mexico could materialize in a short time, thanks to the reduced price offer of CNG and its environmental advantages.

“The mayor said that the Tijuana Integral Public Transportation System should return to its original design, with natural gas vehicles. He was enthusiastic and willing to support the initiative, facilitating the installation and procedures of the refueling stations,” he said.

In Mexico, he added, the natural gas for vehicles is relatively new, but took force in recent months by the rise in prices of gasoline and diesel, so more companies involved in all the gas supply chain (transportation by gas pipeline, distribution by tanker trucks, and refueling stations to supply vehicles) have arrived. “Both converted and OEM CNG vehicles have become a very attractive market in Mexico, so that almost every city in the country is in the process of converting their public transport to CNG,” he said.

“Tijuana has the advantage of having natural gas for industrial use, so the key investment would be in the compression system for the refueling of cars, even in Ensenada the supply with tanker trucks can be attractive, more when there already is an initiative to encourage CNG in public transport,” said Zavala Álvarez.

This highly favorable scenario with a promising marketplace and venue for the natural gas sector will host Altfuels Mexico 2018 taking place on 23-26 April at the World Trade Center of Mexico City.

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