Germany: UTA expands service network with Liqvis’ natural gas stations

Germany: UTA expands service network with Liqvis’ natural gas stations

UTA, provider of fuel and service cards in Europe, is expanding its own supply network to include LNG refueling from LIQVIS GmbH (Uniper subsidiary). As of 1 April, UTA customers can refuel their vehicles with LNG at LIQVIS service stations without cash using the UTA Full Service Card.

LIQVIS LNG stations are located at strategic high-traffic hubs e.g. in Kassel-Lohfelden and Berlin-Grünheide. In order to meet the rising demand for the alternative fuel LNG, the German service station infrastructure is set to be systematically expanded in the coming years. Additional LIQVIS service stations will be installed in the areas in and around Hamburg, Hannover and Bönen, among others.

“We are delighted that with LIQVIS as our partner we are able to further expand our network and provide our customers with access to eco-friendly and cost-effective mobility,” said Gabriel Moulènes, Sales and Marketing Director at UTA. “LNG is a large-range and efficient alternative to diesel that allows fleet operators and forwarding agents to reduce their operating costs.”

“To meet the growing demand for LNG, we will set up additional service stations and thus actively contribute to the expansion of the service station network,” commented Silvano Calcagno, Managing Director of LIQVIS. “The recently made decision by the German Bundestag to extend the toll exemption for LNG trucks in Germany and the UTA card behind us will help us to convince other transport companies that the change is economical and easy to implement.”

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