First LNG bunkering operation took place in Australia

First LNG bunkering operation took place in Australia

Western Australia is leading the nation in providing access to a cleaner shipping fuel for marine vessels, with the first commercial bunkering operation undertaken by Wesfarmers’ EVOL LNG in the state’s north‐west. Under an agreement with Woodside, EVOL LNG successfully refueled the platform supply vessel, Siem Thiima, on January 23 at King Bay Supply Base near Dampier.

“Our decision to enter the LNG bunkering market is part of a long‐term strategy that recognizes environmental and economic sustainability of LNG as a transport fuel,” said EVOL LNG Business Manager, Nick Rea. “It also recognizes that the LNG marine fuel market is still in development so the fact EVOL has over 15 years’ experience in distributing LNG means we saw an opportunity to provide a suite of services that perhaps others can’t.”

“With growing demand for lower emission fuels over the past decade, we’ve seen the number of LNG‐fueled ships in operation worldwide increase steadily from a handful to more than 75, with an additional 80 expected to be built in the next three years,” added Rea. He also said that as emission reduction efforts continued to become more important globally, including in Australia, the adoption of LNG as a low emission marine fuel was expected to increase accordingly.

EVOL LNG will be able to supply Fremantle customers with LNG at a price competitive and will be able to refuel ships at up to 45 tons per hour, which is comparable to traditional bunker fuels.

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