First hydrogen station for long-range fuel cell vehicles opens in Spain

First hydrogen station for long-range fuel cell vehicles opens in Spain

The new facility, located inside the San Antonio service station, located on Manoteras Avenue in Madrid, was launched thanks to the collaboration between five leading companies from different sectors: Enagás (through Scale Gas, startup born from the Enagás Emprende program), Toyota España, Urbaser, Carburos Metónicos, Sumitomo Corporation Spain and the Spanish Confederation of Service Station Entrepreneurs (CEEES).

The filling station allows the supply of hydrogen at 700 bar/MPa, which makes it a pioneer in Spain: it is the first to offer hydrogen at such a high pressure, thus allowing to refuel the tanks of the latest generation fuel cell vehicles. It has a supply capacity of up to 10 kg of hydrogen per day, with a purity greater than 99.98%. In addition, it will supply green hydrogen, generated from renewable energy.

A fleet of 12 Toyota Mirai, distributed among the different companies that have collaborated to develop the new Madrid station, will demonstrate the viability of hydrogen as a valid energy source for day to day: the refueling process is equivalent to that of a car powered by a traditional fuel – less than 5 minutes -, offering a maximum power of 155 HP and a range of around 550 km.

All the companies that are part of the consortium are committed to hydrogen as the energy not only for the future but also for the present. In this context, Enagás and CEEES have signed a collaboration agreement for the deployment of hydrogen refueling facilities, so that in the coming years a dense refueling network can be established allowing the circulation of fuel cell vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai throughout Spain.

“This hydrogen station, the first in Spain at 700 bars, is the result of a pilot project started two years ago by a consortium of companies, all of them committed to the energy transition from different areas. The common commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation, the promotion of industry and employment in Spain, as well as the willingness to collaborate and co-investment have been key factors that have allowed us to open this pioneering facility in our country today,” said Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás.

Miguel Carsi, president and CEO of Toyota Spain, commented: “Toyota’s global vision includes hydrogen as a fundamental pillar, on which a very important part of the strategy is based to become a 100% zero emissions mobility provider. The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 aims to contribute positively to minimizing the impact of environmental changes and to help build a sustainable society by eliminating CO2 emissions from vehicles, operations and the supply chain. And for this, hydrogen and vehicles like the Toyota Mirai will be essential. With the inauguration of this hydrogen station, the first at 700 bars in Spain, we promote hydrogen as energy not only for the future but also for the present, showing that it can and should be a key energy vector in our country.”

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