Eurocargo CNG, among ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year’ winners

Eurocargo CNG, among ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year’ winners

Iveco takes home two top prizes in the “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2017” award category: the Eurocargo CNG is victorious in the DISTRIBUTION category, while the New Daily Electric wins this prestigious accolade in the VAN category. Entries for the awards, held in 2017 for the first time and split into three categories (“Tractor”, “Distribution”, and “Van”), consisted of new units produced by several manufacturers during 2016 that are currently in production and available to order and represent a step forward in terms of sustainability.

Vado e Torno, the magazine that organized the initiative, stated that the individual prizes were awarded “based on a sustainability and efficiency concept meant not only as a reduction of polluting exhaust emissions, but also with the ability of lowering the risk threshold for both driver and road users, making driving more relaxing, reducing the impact of transit on the population and entering a manufacturing cycle informed by sustainability from beginning to end, providing for end-of-life recyclability of parts”.

Maurizio Cervetto, Chief Editor of Vado e Torno, presented the prizes to Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, during Transpotec 2017, the Transport and Logistics Trade Fair in Verona from 22 to 25 February.

Pierre Lahutte, said: “We are very proud to win these two awards at the inaugural ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year’ event, with our New Daily Electric and Eurocargo CNG. The commitment to sustainability is a consolidated reality for Iveco and is based on technological excellence: today we are the only manufacturer to have a full range of vehicles powered by natural gas, all the way up from light to heavy range and also buses. We are also champions of sustainability as a brand of the CNH Industrial Group, which for the sixth consecutive year has been confirmed as Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for Europe and the World. Our product strategy – added Lahutte – is founded on one of our key objectives: to provide our customers with vehicles that help them to become more sustainable. Iveco has reached the finals with three of its vehicles, one per category, and has won an amazing two out of three titles, with the multi award-winning Daily Electric and the Eurocargo CNG. We are even more proud to receive these awards in this city, Verona, just a stone’s throw from our plants in Suzzara and Brescia, the homes of the Daily and the Eurocargo respectively”.

With regard to the Eurocargo CNG, Cervetto commented: “With over 10 thousand natural gas trucks sold in the last twenty years, IVECO has secured the pole position in the field of alternative fuels. The Tector 6 natural gas engine is exceptionally clean: virtually no particulate, a reduction of CO2 (over 80% using biomethane) and of noise levels below 60 decibel. The Eurocargo takes advantage of well-established, readily-available and cost-effective technologies, and is not limited by city access restrictions, boasting an enviable range of configurations with a weight of up to 16 tons. And with a range of 400 km, it allows operators in the distribution sector to wave diesel vehicles goodbye with no regrets”.

Already elected “International Truck of the Year 2016”, the Eurocargo CNG is fitted with a new “super-eco” 210 HP version of the Tector 6 engine, fuelled by compressed natural gas. Thanks to the re-engineering of ignition coils, blow-by valve, pistons and ring seals, IVECO has managed to achieve significant advantages in terms of efficiency, emissions and maintenance.

The vehicle offers increased performance, with 210 hp and maximum torque of 750 Nm. Compliant with Euro VI Step C emissions regulations, Eurocargo Natural Power can enter restricted town centre areas, a key advantage for multi-stop missions. The advantages offered by natural gas technology are numerous, both from the environmental and economic sustainability point of view. Natural gas propulsion is the most efficient technical solution available to solve urban area pollution issues, thus becoming the only true alternative to petrol and diesel. From an emissions viewpoint, natural gas is a “clean” fuel, since it produces 35% less nitric oxide (NOx) emissions 95% less particulate compared to diesel.

Moreover, natural gas-powered Eurocargo models are extremely quiet, which makes them perfect for night-time urban use in particular.

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