CNG shortage affecting our business, say transport operators

CNG shortage affecting our business, say transport operators

Cab and auto unions in the city have alleged that over the past couple of days there has been a shortage of CNG, affecting their businesses. Public transport operators complained of extremely long queues at CNG stations and said that there might be a larger shortage issue. However, Mahanagar Gas Limited, the main supplier of CNG in the city, has dispelled all rumours saying that it could be a temporary problem due to a spike in demand in view of the festive season.

“There have been long queues at CNG stations and some auto drivers complained that they could fill their tanks only partially, leading to more crowds,” said Advesh Kumar, an auto driver. Another one said that the problem has been there since the past week.

“We are already suffering losses due to the lockdown and now this is an additional problem. The CNG filling points for autos are always crowded. This time the queues are longer, maybe because of the festive season. The number of filling points should be increased in Mumbai,” auto driver Murat Ram said.

“There were some issues during the Ganpati festival, but now it seems the crisis is easing out. Cabs are now getting the required CNG,” said Mumbai Taximen Union General Secretary Anthony Quadros. “There has been a shortage since the past couple of days leading to longer queues across eastern and western suburbs,” Mumbai Automen Union leader Shashank Sharad Rao confirmed.

When contacted, Mahanagar Gas Limited officials said there was no such shortage, but people might have faced issues due to a temporary surge. “There is no CNG shortage. It is only that at times when there is a sudden spike in demand, the pressure at extreme ends of our network drops,” said an MGL spokesperson.

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