CNG mobile refueler unit for farm vehicles opens in Southern Russia

CNG mobile refueler unit for farm vehicles opens in Southern Russia

Gazprom recently opened a mobile refueler platform in the Novopetrovskaya settlement, Pavlovsky District, Krasnodar Territory. In the course of the ceremony, the Barsuk T.L. farm’s vehicles were fueled with natural gas for the first time. Gazprom makes extensive efforts to expand the use of natural gas for vehicles and plans, inter alia, to work along with domestic agricultural companies to install filling units near agricultural facilities on a cost-sharing basis.

The first of such projects is currently underway at the Barsuk T.L. farm, which built a special platform for a mobile refueler. Gazprom’s refueler can service 40 to 50 vehicles per day, with each fill-up taking merely 10 to 15 minutes. Later on, the refueler will be replaced with a CNG station, which can refuel more vehicles. The farm will build a supply pipeline, while Gazprom will be responsible for installing the CNG dispenser and providing fuel.

The first stage of the project involves converting all vehicles used by the Barsuk T.L. farm to natural gas. At the second stage, it is planned to provide natural gas as a vehicle fuel to the ten nearest agricultural companies.

“Krasnodar Territory companies were the first in Russia to join forces with Gazprom to use natural gas in agricultural machinery on a cost-sharing basis. Gazprom sees great potential in working with domestic agricultural companies to convert vehicles to natural gas. Today, one cubic meter of CNG at a filling station costs RUB 13.4 on average, which is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel. Converting 100 units of agricultural equipment as part of this pilot project could lead to savings of RUB 186 million per year. In addition, using natural gas considerably extends service life and reduces operating costs. Spreading its use in agriculture is imperative if we want to make food products more affordable domestically,” said Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors.

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