Calvera builds hydrogen station for forklifts with highest capacity today

Calvera builds hydrogen station for forklifts with highest capacity today

Calvera Industrial Group currently manufactures a hydrogen station for forklifts with the highest supply capacity in the market, assuming all phases of the process from engineering to full development. The features of this equipment include flexibility and speed of refueling, reaching a supply of 120 units every 24 hours, which make it ideal to adapt to both current customer needs and those that may arise from a more that a predictable increase in demand, as is happening in most projects of this type.

The forklift industry is one of the first to demonstrate the viability and profitability of hydrogen and fuel cell technology applied to mobility, without the need for grant support. Technologically, this type of vehicle has numerous advantages, such as the fact of a much higher productivity by eliminating the inconveniences related to the change of conventional and heavy electric batteries, the time that costs to carry out their recharge or their progressive loss of performance when they are depleted. On the contrary, hydrogen-powered forklifts refuel very quickly and offer maximum performance throughout the work shift. Calvera, which had already manufactured small and medium-sized stations for forklifts destined for the foreign market, demonstrates with this large-scale project that it continues to work at the forefront of innovation in the development of equipment that makes it possible to move towards a globalized consumption of hydrogen.

The company is currently the only complete hydrogen station manufacturer in Spain and the main one in southern Europe. Among its most recent achievements is one that represents a technological milestone in Spanish industry: manufacturing and delivering Spain’s first 700-bar hydrogen car station, located in Madrid, which has been also internationally approved, one of the more complex steps of the project due to the applicable regulations and the enormous technical knowledge required of the hydrogen.

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