AltFuels Mexico 2019: CDMX boosts the expansion of natural gas stations


AltFuels Mexico 2019: CDMX boosts the expansion of natural gas stations

The government of Mexico City has specific programs that promote the use of natural gas for vehicles, but the main obstacle that motorists and transporters face to make the switch to this fuel is that there are few CNG stations in the capital of the country, said César Gálvez, deputy director of Sectorial Link of the Secretariat of the Environment (Sedema).

During his participation in the third edition of AltFuels Mexico, the official said that as long as more environmentally friendly fuels are used, the quality of life of citizens will improve. He recognized that CNG is cleaner than conventional fuels and said there are different programs that promote the transition to this fuel.

“We have the Self-Regulation Program, which allows large fleets to circulate more easily in the city if they use clean fuels. We have the Hoy No Circula program, which for many companies is complicated, because it hinders the logistics of goods distribution, so several measures come in, such as fuel transition, e-mobility, which is why we have promoted this alternative fuel program,” he commented.

“It is also necessary that distributors help us to raise awareness among citizens about the benefits of natural gas,” Gálvez added. In addition, he assured that there is a call, issued in December 2016, in which Sedema invited all those interested in marketing and installing propulsion systems based on natural gas.

Moreover, Alejandro Carabias Icaza, head of the Management Unit of the Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment (ASEA), also present at AltFuels Mexico 2019, indicated that proper risk management allows companies throughout the chain of hydrocarbons mitigate the danger of economic losses, environmental damage and civil liability, in case of incidents. He explained that each company can have ‘tailor-made’ insurance policies for the operation of service stations.

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