Nor Lines LNG-Powered M/S Kvitbjørn Ready for Operations

Nor Lines LNG-Powered M/S Kvitbjørn Ready for Operations

Nor Lines M/S Kvitbjørn (trans. ‘White Bear’) is ready for regular operation as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly ships. M/S Kvitbjørn is the first of two new natural gas-powered cargo vessels to replace older tonnage in regular service between northern Europe and Norway coast to northern Norway.

Nor Lines new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered ships have been developed in close cooperation with Rolls Royce and include, in addition to the use of LNG as fuel, innovations related to hull design, propulsion and power generation on board.

Rolls-Royce was awarded the maritime Heyerdahl Award 2014 for it’s Environship Concept, exemplified in Nor Lines new vessels. The design integrates a highly efficient gas-based power and propulsion system with an innovative hull design to provide significant reductions in emissions.

The vessel type was also awarded Next Generation Ship Award in 2011, the Environmental Award – Transport & Logistics in 2013 and the Green Ship Technology in 2013.

Each of the vessels will have a capacity equivalent to at least 200 truck loads and increases the flexibility for transport between road and rail to the sea. The ships have ro / ro capacity, which allows for loading directly into and out of the ship, as well as a significantly larger crane, which adds flexibility for loading at piers without cranes.

M/S Kvitbjørn, along with her sister ship M/S Kvitnos (trans. white-beaked dolphins) coming in July, are the first two ships in Nor Lines fleet renewal and upgrading strategy. The LNG-powered vessels use 18% less energy than the vessels they are replacing. Additionally, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 38 %, NOx emissions by 90 %, while SOx and particulate emissions be eliminated compared to the older ships.

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