Linde MH Adds CNG H20 EVO Forklift Truck

Linde MH Adds CNG H20 EVO Forklift Truck

Industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling has taken its load capacity range to the next level with the introduction of series 391-00 EVO, which includes a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered forklift truck. The EVO H14-H20 offering, covering load capacity from 1.4 to 2.0 tonne, brings in the natural gas model at the upper end with the 2.0 tonne H20CNG.

The H20CNG with service weight of 3125 kgs, front/rear axle load with load of 4443/683 kgs and front/rear axle load without load of 1350/1775 kgs, uses a VW CBS 4-cylinder 1984cc engine. Fuel consumption is rated at 3.2 (H) to 3.5 (L) m3/h according to the VDI cycle.

To prevent critical situations during cornering from arising in the first place, Linde has equipped the small EVO CNG forklift truck with the Linde Curve Assist. This system automatically adapts the speed during cornering to the steering angle, thereby protecting the driver against risky driving manoeuvers.

The small EVO now also features other significant functional improvements such as a more comfortable seat and armrest generation and a choice between three different driving modes that enable adjusting the energy consumption and power requirement to match the operating conditions.

Finally, the EVO series has passed the dynamic stability test (EN 16203: 2014) based on which the lateral stability of counterbalance trucks with a load capacity of up to 5 tonnes must be additionally verified by the manufacturers. Curve Assist was not required to pass the tests.

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