Amazonas Governor inaugurates two CNG filling stations in Manaus

Amazonas Governor inaugurates two CNG filling stations in Manaus

José Melo yesterday led the launching of the new natural gas refueling sites in western and central-south areas of this Brazilian state’s capital city. As a result, the Amazonas Gas Company (Cigás) makes some steps forwards the expansion of the supply infrastructure and, as from April, starts an incentive program to encourage the use of the fuel by granting R$ 1,000 to those drivers acquiring a natural gas kit.

During the launch of the CNG provision in BR Ponta Negra station on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, in the city’s west side, the governor highlighted the economic differential the fuel use brings and also said that it is necessary to increase the credit line for converting vehicles to gas natural, which was previously limited to taxi drivers.

CNG fueling has also begun at Atem station, located on Avenida Constantino Nery in São Geraldo neighborhood (central-south area). In total, six compressed natural gas fueling sites are operational in Manaus. According to Cigas, soon there will be two more facilities in service on the east side of the city.

Currently, the company is the leading supplier for power generation and already provides 50 companies in the Industrial Pole of Manaus with fuel. Regarding CNG, Cigás meets the demand of the taxi drivers market and now its goal is to expand the customer base and reach fleet owners and the public. In addition to the environmental benefits, natural gas users can save 40% in fuel consumption.

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