Biomethane plays an increasingly key role at Finnish fueling stations

Biomethane plays an increasingly key role at Finnish fueling stations

This renewable energy source now accounts for 30% of the natural gas sold, according to the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication. It is available at almost all of the 24 stations for CNG, with total monthly sales of natural gas as a fuel amounting to 0.3 million Nm3, according to data by Gasum.

Drivers are able to choose between natural gas and biomethane at Finnish pumps and despite the extra costs, 45% of Gasum’s customers choose to refuel with biogas, allowing for up to 90% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to petrol.

In total, the country has 1,900 vehicles powered by natural gas on its roads, with a growth of 46% or 600 vehicles compared to 2013. The 1,700 light vehicles and cars account for the vast majority of the domestic fleet running on the fuel, which also includes 100 heavy duty buses and trucks.

National energy and climate policies were introduced in 2013 that include an Action Plan for liquefied natural gas providing €123 million in subsidies for the deployment of LNG infrastructure for industrial and maritime use. As part of the plan, four LNG terminals will be constructed between 2015 and 2019, thereby doubling the potential use in the country, once completed.

The use of LNG for road transport is expected to spread subsequently due to increased availability and lower prices of the fuel which will help to reach the country’s declared goal of 80% reduction in overall transport-related CO2 emissions by 2050.

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