Altech-Eco Adds EPA Certification for 2015 Ford CNG Transit

Altech-Eco Adds EPA Certification for 2015 Ford CNG Transit

Altech-Eco Corporation of Asheville, North Carolina has received U.S. EPA certification for the new 2015 Ford CNG Transit 150/250/350 3.7L Full-Size Van & Wagon with the Ford gaseous prepped engine option. The Altech-Eco CNG system for the Ford Transit is Ford QVM approved and is available as bi-fuel or dedicated. Using an Altech-Eco CNG System insures the original Ford Engine and Powertrain Limited Warranty remains intact.

The dedicated system, available in warm weather states only, enables the vehicle to operate 100% on CNG and the bi-fuel version enables the vehicle to operate on either CNG or gasoline. The Altech-Eco CNG systems allow users to take advantage of using CNG as a cleaner burning, domestically produced and more economical alternative fuel.

CNG conversion is offered as a solution for fleets or consumers that spend a lot of money on gasoline or just want to switch to an environmentally friendly fuel. By using CNG, a fleet operator reduce operating cost up to 50% and use domestically sourced fuel.

Altech-Eco’s seamless integrated systems are designed in collaboration with a Ford approved QCM (Qualified Calibration Modifier) for real-fleet applications. [The press release states] “They deliver excellent horsepower, torque towing capacity and have no fuel economy loss. They handle ultimate load situations and perform well in extreme cold or extreme heat, high or low altitudes, or any inclement weather condition.”

Also available from Altech-Eco for the 2015 model year is the Ford CNG Transit Connect 2.5L, Ford CNG F-250/350 6.2L, & Lincoln MKT 3.7L.

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