Venezuelan Auto Production for Jan-Feb is 40% NGV

Venezuelan Auto Production for Jan-Feb is 40% NGV

According to the cumulative monthly production report for February this year, published by the Venezuelan Automotive Chamber ( Cavenez), the demand for natural gas powered vehicles (NGVs) represents a major segment of market interest in new vehicles.  Of the 2,057 vehicles produced in Venezuela, 822 (40%) were equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems.

NGV production was spread over the following automotive manufacturers (percentage represents portion of total OEM production for Jan-Feb): Chrysler – 49 (100%), GM – 76 (33%), MMC Automotriz – 372 (41%) and Toyota – 325 (43%).

Dominant NGV models were:

  • Toyota Corolla – 297
  • Mitsubishi (MMC) Lancer – 198
  • Mitsubishi (MMC) L-300 – 174
  • GM Silverado – 76
  • Chrysler Forza – 49

The cumulative outcome is similar to Jan-Feb 2014, when 817 NGVs were produced.

The Government of Venezuela passed legislation, effective April 1, 2009 that decreed assemblers, manufacturers, importers and marketers of motor vehicles must have either bi-fuel vehicles (gasoline/CNG) or dedicated CNG vehicles for sale.

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