Gazprom promotes liquefied and compressed natural gas

Gazprom promotes liquefied and compressed natural gas

Gazprom Transgaz Ekaterinburg has recently advanced new technology that would make it possible to fuel vehicles with liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel, saving companies four times the expenses for traditional fuel.

Implementing these natural gas resources would be part of a program in several Russian regions, and the company is discussing implementation of LNG and CNG throughout Russia.


“Now the priority is to create an infrastructure for LNG production,” Gazprom’s Valery Golubev said. “We have a vast system of pipelines, but natural gas cannot flow at as high of a rate of pressure as it can in liquefied or compressed forms.”

Golubev said that about $1.62 billion will be allocated through 2020 to promote the use of motor fuel.

“Most of the funds – about $950 million – will be spent to subsidize the purchase of vehicles for budgetary purposes, working on motor fuel, as well as the creation of service and refueling infrastructure,” he said.

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