TAPI gas pipeline investors to spend $200 mn on studies

TAPI gas pipeline investors to spend $200 mn on studies

Islamabad: Share­holders of a planned gas pipeline connecting Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and

India (TAPI) agreed to invest $200 million in studies and engineering for the $10 billion project.

Turkmenistan, world’s fourth-largest gas reservoir, started building its section of the 1,814-km link,

designed to ease its dependence on Russia and China, last December, but the three other countries have

yet to begin work on their parts of the pipeline, Dawn online reported.

“We will use these funds to carry out various studies, preliminary engineering, environmental design

and various research of the route,” Turkmenistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Yagshygeldy Kakayev said in

capital Ashgabat on Thursday.

He said the studies would provide a more exact estimate of the project’s cost. Kakayev did not say who

would finance the preliminary spending.

Turkmen state energy firm Turkmengas is the main shareholder of TAPI Pipeline Company Ltd., the joint

venture set up to carry out the project. Other investors are Afghan Gas Enterprise, Pakistan’s Inter State

Gas Systems Ltd. and GAIL (India) Ltd.

Kakayev said the company would most likely be based in Dubai. Originating at the giant Galkynysh gas

field, the TAPI pipeline will tranship 33 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year.

However, the TAPI project faces several risks, such as the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan

and lack of clarity about its financing.


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