Platts Trafigura buys Pluto LNG spot cargo below $7.50/MMBtu DES Singapore: source Singapore (Platts)–

Platts Trafigura buys Pluto LNG spot cargo below $7.50/MMBtu DES Singapore: source Singapore (Platts)–

LNG trader Trafigura bought a Pluto LNG spot cargo below $7.50/MMBtu DES for mid-July delivery to Singapore, a source with direct knowledge of the transaction said Thursday.

The delivery will be the first cargo that Trafigura has received in Singapore after securing storage and reload capacity at the terminal last month.

Singapore-based LNG trader Pavilion sold the cargo to Trafigura in late June in a range $7-7.50/MMBtu on a DES basis, the source added.

Neither Trafigura nor Pavilion was immediately available for comment on the matter Thursday.

A second source said Pavilion likely bought one of the three cargoes Pluto operator Woodside sold in early June for July loading, including one FOB and two DES cargoes, although this could not be confirmed.

According to Platts cFlow ship-tracking software, Pavilion will load the cargo from the Pluto LNG plant in Western Australia aboard the LNG carrier Woodside Goode in approximately one week.

The vessel will deliver the cargo to Singapore’s LNG terminal on Jurong Island in mid-July.

Singapore LNG (SLNG) awarded the storage and reload capacity to Trafigura in late June — five months after advertising the service February 5 — for a total of two years at a cost of between 30 cents/MMBtu and 50 cents/MMBtu, sources said.

The transaction also marks the second Australian LNG cargo that Pavilion will have sold to Trafigura.

Pavilion sold a cargo from North West Shelf to Trafigura in early May at around $7/MMBtu FOB for loading in H2 June, Platts has previously reported.

Pavilion bought this cargo from Japanese trader Mitsubishi, one of the partners of the NWS venture.

Trafigura loaded this cargo July 1 aboard the carrier Yari LNG, which is currently heading towards the Middle East.







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