Gasunie and Gazprom Jointly Plan LNG Refueling Infrastructure

Gasunie and Gazprom Jointly Plan LNG Refueling Infrastructure

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Han Fennema, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Dutch gas infrastructure company N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie (Gasunie), have agreed to cooperate in the area of small scale LNG in Europe. The agreement focuses on joint projects for the construction of LNG receiving terminals, LNG filling stations and other infrastructure facilities.

“Gazprom and Gasunie will be actively developing the small scale LNG business in Europe. Joint infrastructure projects will make it possible to diversify the supply routes as well as broaden the use of natural gas in European countries,” said Alexey Miller.

“LNG has a clear role to play as a cleaner fuel alternative for maritime vessels, ferries, trucks and industrial applications throughout Europe. It supports European Union environmental priorities. It will help ship and truck owners to follow stringent European emission regulations”, said Han Fennema.

During the meeting matters of security of gas supply to the European market were also discussed. It was stipulated that cooperation in development of new gas infrastructure would help to secure a stable and affordable energy supply for Europe.

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