Peru: Gaspetrol new station features Galileo Microbox compressor

Peru: Gaspetrol new station features Galileo Microbox compressor

Gaspetrol, Copetrol Group network stations in Peru, has announced a new natural gas station in the coastal city of Cañete, 144 km from Lima. The facility will be officially opened in March 2015 and will be equipped with a CNG Microbox® compressor. On this occasion, the flagship product of Galileo Technologies presents an important innovation because it will include a pressure regulating plant (PRP) in its interior.

The reason for the PRP inclusion within the Microbox® is that compressed natural gas will be brought by Copetrol tanker trucks, allowing vehicles of this city to profit from the benefits of CNG in the absence of underground distribution networks.

“The PRP addition has taken modularity a step further, since the new design has not changed what our clients seek in the Microbox®: reduced use of space, intrinsic safety and noise levels and vibrations compatible with public environment,” said Andrés Pertica, Galileo Technologies Sales Regional Manager.

“The way Copetrol is expanding CNG consumption, even in the absence of infrastructure, is a benchmark for good practice to be followed internationally,” commented Pedro Briceño, Technical Advisor of The Key, the company that represents Galileo Technologies in Peru.

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