OrangeGas Opens Overijssel Biomethane Filling Station

OrangeGas Opens Overijssel Biomethane Filling Station

Dutch biomethane (groengas – green gas) provider OrangeGas has opened a new natural gas filling station in Kampen, a municipality in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The green gas-filling station is the first of a total of 10 green gas filling stations to be located in Overijssel by OrangeGas. This doubles the number of filling stations in the province.

The Deputy Commissioner of Overijssel, Eddy van Hijum, opened the green gas-filling point by fueling a green gas-taxi and said: “Energy and economy go hand in hand for me. Projects are therefore firmly assessed for energy performance and financial robustness. OrangeGas has managed to present a business case that meets both conditions. We are proud that the investment in Overijssel contributes to a national network of green gas filling stations. That’s important because sufficient gas stations makes driving on green gas more accessible. And that is good for people and the economy.”

Overijssel province has an ambitious target for new energy: renewable energy should provide in 2020 twenty percent of the total energy of the province. For this purpose the Overijssel Energy Fund has been established. Mid-2014, the Fund managers approved an application from OrangeGas for the construction of ten new green gas filling stations.

“Green gas gives drivers the opportunity to drive cleaner. With the opening of the first green gas filling station, the province is well on the way to this goal,” said Bas-Jan Blom, Director Overijssel Energy Fund. The focus of Overijssel Energy Fund is on projects that have a good chance to achieve in the short to medium term this objective.

“The interest in alternative fuels is still rising. Green gas is currently the cleanest and cheapest fuel directly and massively deployed. Green gas driving is CO2 neutral with significant savings on fuel costs.”

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of driving on green gas services such as waste collection, transport and taxi operators. The choice is growing in cars on green gas, such as the Audi A3, Fiat 500L and VW Up.

The Province of Overijssel encourages driving on green gas through a purchase subsidy. This grant applies to both individuals and businesses, with grants of EUR 1,000 for a car, € 3,000 for a van and € 10,000 for a truck (USD 1130, 3400 and 11320 respectively).

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