Oklahoma Reaches 100 km CNG Station Benchmark

Oklahoma Reaches 100 km CNG Station Benchmark

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) retailers in the U.S. State of Oklahoma have achieved a goal twenty

years in the making, to have one CNG station every 100 kms on interstate routes. Representatives from

OnCue Express, Love’s Travel Stops, Tulsa Gas Technologies, Oklahoma Natural Gas and Sparq Natural

Gas gathered at OnCue Express in Billings, OK on June 21, 2016 to celebrate the benchmark.

In 2011, Governor Mary Fallin presented her inclusive Oklahoma First Energy Plan. As the state’s first

comprehensive energy plan, a part of the plan requested the help of public sector companies to build

CNG infrastructure along Oklahoma highways and interstates. The first step: At least one CNG station

every 100 miles along Oklahoma interstates by the end of 2015. Many stations already existed along

those corridors, but several significant gaps still required attention.

In the last 5 years, many retailers have built new stations along interstates and highways to support the

growing demand for CNG. In his introduction, Scott Minton, Market Development Manager for OnCue

Express said “OnCue did not do this alone. It took the work of many retailers across the state to bring

this celebration together. Today, we celebrate this accomplishment as an industry.”

Governor Fallin praised the industry for the work it has accomplished so far, commenting that the State

of Oklahoma has saved more than $1,000,000 in fuel costs since converting much of its fleet to CNG

over the last few years. “It takes a diverse public and private partnership team all willing to work hard in

order to achieve a bold goal like having a CNG station within every 100 miles on Oklahoma interstates.”

Oklahoma has more CNG sites than any other state in the country, per capita. With an average price of

$1.09/gallon across the state, drivers enjoy a healthy fuel cost savings, while utilizing a clean, abundant,

Oklahoma produced fuel.

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