New Volvo V90 Bi-fuel SW to be Launched with Westport NG Technology

New Volvo V90 Bi-fuel SW to be Launched with Westport NG Technology

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (Westport), manufacturer of alternative fuel systems and components, says

Volvo Car will launch the bi-fuel version of its new V90 station wagon fitted with Westport natural gas

technology. The engine can run on either compressed natural gas (CNG)/biomethane (RNG) or petrol

and forms part of Volvo Car’s Engine Architecture, which ranks as one of the best engine families in the


The V90 is Volvo’s new 5-door, 5-seat large premium estate. It is built on the new Scalable Product

Architecture (SPA), Volvo’s advanced modular product platform that will underpin all new Volvo cars in

the 90 and 60 Series.

The V90 is based on the same engine technology as the Volvo V60 sports wagon which recently won

second place in the Best Environmental Car in Sweden – company car category.

It is expected to offer low emissions of 120 gm CO2 when run on CNG and 40 gm CO2 when 100%

renewable natural gas is used. As well as top quality green credentials, the car will also feature a high-

performance 254 horsepower engine, 350NM torque and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Volvo_V90 bi-fuel Jun2016“The Volvo V90 BiFuel will be an important model for us. It will primarily

benefit our taxi fleet customers, and it will also be good for companies with an explicit environmental

policy,” said Fredrik Isakson, Manager Fleet Sales and Business Development at Volvo Car Sverige.

“Westport and Volvo Car are working together to provide customers with leading natural gas

technology, great performance and ultimately a low-emissions profile. By collaborating with OEMs, like

Volvo Car, we are able to develop vital technology solutions to reduce emissions and continue to meet

demand for premium natural gas vehicles,” said Nancy Gougarty, President and COO of Westport.

“The combination of Volvo Car’s exemplary automotive engineering and Westport’s advanced natural

gas technology ensures that the V90 BiFuel will provide both a superior driving experience and excellent

environmental benefits. The 254 horsepower engine makes it the most powerful CNG car on the market

and, therefore, the natural choice for high-performance green driving”, said Anders Johansson,

Managing Director, Westport Sweden.

Sales of the V90 BiFuel, which will supersede the Volvo V70, will start in Sweden in June, 2016. Vehicle

deliveries are expected to start in December, 2016. v90-bi- fuel-sw- to-be- launched-with- westport-ng-


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