Oklahoma Natural Gas customers to see higher bills

Oklahoma Natural Gas customers to see higher bills

Oklahoma Natural Gas customers should be prepared to pay a little more after a recent Oklahoma Corporation Commission decision.

“For the average residential ONG customer, you’ll immediately see in the next billing cycle an increase of a $1.27 in your rates, that’s per month,” OCC spokesman Matt Skinner said. However, Skinner said, savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 will reduce the amount bills go up. “That credit will be applied in February of 2022, which means that that actual impact to the customer on an annualized basis, once that credit goes into effect, will be 34 cents,” Skinner said.

So why will Oklahomans see this increase on their gas bills?

“This is to keep the company in operational status in order to provide reliable service,” Skinner explained.

To clear up confusion, he said the rate increase isn’t tied to February’s winter storm.

“The case that is still pending before us regarding gas cost recovery by ONG is not a rate case. It doesn’t influence rates. It influences what charges are on your bill,” he said.

Skinner said the Corporation Commission is nearing a vote on that issue, but nothing has been scheduled.


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