New hydrogen station in France

New hydrogen station in France

Air Liquide has installed a charging station at its Sassenage site in Isère (Rhône-Alpes), which will allow the first users of the HyWay project to recharge their vehicles with hydrogen. A second station, of larger capacity, will be installed next fall in Grenoble. The Group is actively involved in the setting up of the hydrogen energy industry on a global scale and helping to meet the challenge of the energy transition.

HyWay is the first French project whose aim is to deploy fleets of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles. It is coordinated by the Tenerrdis new energy technologies cluster and jointly supported by the French government (DREAL and ADEME) and the Rhône-Alpes regional council, in line with the objectives of Europe set forth under FEDER, the European Fund for Economic and Regional Development.

A major project milestone was reached on June 10 with the delivery of the first 21 Renault Kangoo ZE-H2** utility vehicles to Grenoble. These vehicles constitute the largest electric vehicle fleet equipped with a hydrogen-powered range extender currently deployed in Europe.

Air Liquide has chosen to support the HyWay project by investing in the development of the first station in Sassenage which will serve users such as La Poste, France’s postal service, but also by the decision to acquire three Kangoo ZE-H2 vehicles.

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