Mercedes-Benz unveils new M 936 G natural gas engine for Citaro model

Mercedes-Benz unveils new M 936 G natural gas engine for Citaro model

The Mercedes-Benz Bus and Coach unit is really stepping on the gas: the new M 936 G natural gas engine delivers the same performance as a diesel engine while setting standards with respect to noise and exhaust emissions. The engine is especially compact and lightweight. It is deployed in both the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT rigid bus and the Citaro G NGT articulated bus. The start of series production is planned for the autumn of 2015.

The new engine is based on the advanced 7.7-litre OM 936 turbo diesel engine. This is already in successful use on board the Citaro and Citaro G Euro VI. The vertically installed six-cylinder mono-fuel engine runs on CNG. It has an output of 222 kW (302 hp) at 2000 rpm while delivering maximum torque of 1200 Nm consistently from 1200 to 1600 rpm. In some cases, it undercuts the Euro VI emission limits considerably.

At the same time, the natural-gas engine from Mercedes-Benz sets new standards in terms of environmental friendliness – its CO2 Life Cycle Assessment improves on that of a diesel engine by more than 20%. Using biogas to power the bus makes the CO2 situation even more attractive because driving it becomes almost CO2-neutral.

The new M 936 G gas engine is exceptionally quiet running and its weight has been significantly reduced, featuring lightweight high-tech gas cylinders made of composite material.


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