Chile: Transantiago will roll out its first hybrid bus this month

Chile: Transantiago will roll out its first hybrid bus this month

The public transport system in the Chilean capital is preparing to debut a new hybrid vehicle on May. The bus was purchased by the operator Alsace Express and offers a quiet start that aims to reduce noise pollution, which is currently generated by public transportation, reported the News Agency ATON.

The bus, manufactured by Volvo Brasil, operates on diesel and electricity. In the first instance, it starts with the electric engine, and when it reaches 20 kilometers per hour, it switches to its traditional engine, while the electric motor is recharged. Furthermore, the 12-meter long vehicle is equipped with doors on both sides for an easier flow of passengers and transport up to 108 commuters. It also includes security cameras and a speaker.

“During the current process of the braking about 76% of energy is generated, which is released as heat and not used. Our technology transforms this energy in regenerative braking, which generates the process of electric energy production through a generator that builds up the charge in the battery for later use of that same charge through the electric motor,” explained Jose Antonio Margalet, manager of Volvo Buses Chile, in an interview with La Tercera. He added that it reduces at least 35% of fuel, saves the same amount of CO2 and eliminates noise.

Moreover, the executive director of the Association of Dealers of Urban Surface Transportation Victor Barrueto said: “Obviously, we are facing now the possibility of renewing fleets with buses that are built with higher standards, in many ways, than current ones.”

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