Madrid Automotive Agreement Promotes Natural Gas for Vehicles

Madrid Automotive Agreement Promotes Natural Gas for Vehicles

Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG), a Spanish company specializing in the distribution of gas, and AMDA, Madrid Association of Automobile Dealers bringing together half the dealers in the region and representing more than half of the turnover of new vehicles, have signed a framework cooperation agreement to jointly promote the use of natural gas in the automotive sector. The agreement’s scope includes dealerships and repair facilities, for marketing of vehicles that are both economic and ecological.

Through this agreement, dealers associated with AMDA Madrid will benefit from the support and advice of Madrileña Gas Network to reap the benefits in the short, medium and long term use of gas, especially in the paint and body shops and HVAC specialists.

Moreover, both companies will collaborate to make known to locals drivers the benefits of models powered by natural gas, from an economic point of view and with regard to the reduction of polluting emissions (> 80% NOx).

“In Madrid, AMDA works to provide our partners with alternatives to help them grow and achieve their goals. In this line, the agreement with Madrileña Gas Network provides all our dealers opportunities to improve the efficiency of their facilities and expand their business with the integration of new models of Natural Gas Vehicles,” says Moises Gonzalez, president of AMDA Madrid.

“We would like to highlight the effort of Madrid gas network in bring gas to all partners of AMDA, as well as the willingness of partners to change to this clean energy and enhance the market for vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG),” Gonzales added.

“We are pleased to have the professionalism of Madrid dealers to publicize the Natural Gas Vehicles in the automotive field. It is a real alternative, with great development potential due to its abundance, comfort, safety and low level of pollution generated. Compared to other fuels, using natural gas can reduce CO and CO2 between 20 and 30%, NOx 80% – a major local pollutant, particulate emissions by 95% and SO2 by 100%,” says Alejandro Lafarga, Director General of Madrileña Gas Network.

Madrileña Automobile Dealers Association (AMDA), which has more than 50 companies, encompasses nearly 130 dealers brands such as Seat, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Opel, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Mercedes, Kia, Mazda, BMW, MINI, Peugeot, Citroën, Lexus, Fiat, Lancia, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Ford and Maserati.

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