El Alto has one of the highest CNG consumption levels in Bolivia

El Alto has one of the highest CNG consumption levels in Bolivia

The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) reported that the number of compressed natural gas refueling stations in El Alto increased in 2014, positioning this city as the third with the highest consumption level of the fuel nationwide.


El Alto has 27 CNG filling stations in operation, five of which have been in service since last year; this represents a 22.7% increase in the number of sites in comparison with the 2013 results.

According to data from the ANH District Coordination, CNG consumption in El Alto amounted to 82,950,457 cubic meters in 2014, while 73,879,955 cubic meters were recorded in 2013.

The region with more CNG consumption is Santa Cruz, where 264,587,937 cubic meters were delivered last year, whereas 204,698,868 cubic meters were sold in Cochabamba.

“CNG is an appropriate economic fuel for public transport, since many transport drivers in the city of El Alto have chosen to change energy source from gasoline to natural gas and have undergone the free conversion program conducted by the Government. In the western part of the country, this is the city that consumes the most CNG, so the demand has grown and, of course, the number of refueling stations has also increased,” explained Walter Segovia, director of ANH District Coordination.


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