Gazprom opened 14 CNG fueling facilities in the first half of 2016

Gazprom opened 14 CNG fueling facilities in the first half of 2016

The Gazprom Management Committee took note of the information concerning the Company’s

activities in international NGV markets. It was emphasized that, as of the end of 2015, Gazprom and

its affiliates owned 52 CNG filling stations in Europe – Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland –

representing an almost 1.5-fold increase from 2014. Since early 2016, the Company added 14 more

facilities to its CNG station network, bringing their number to 66. It is planned to expand the

network further by the end of this year.

Gazprom continues to strengthen its position in international NGV markets by, inter alia,

collaborating with its partners. In Germany’s port of Rostock, Gazprom and Gasunie are constructing

a small-scale LNG terminal for receiving, storing, and shipping liquefied natural gas that will be used

as a bunker and vehicle fuel, as well as an energy resource for autonomous gasification purposes.

The Rostock terminal will be loaded with LNG from the Company’s planned LNG production

capacities in northwestern Russia.

In addition, Gazprom is exploring the possibilities for setting up small-scale LNG production facilities

in other Russian regions, namely the Black Sea region, to export LNG to the countries near the Black

Sea and the Danube River.

Gazprom has also organized the Blue Corridor, which is held on an annual basis with the purpose of

promoting NGVs in international markets. This year, the route of the 10th Blue Corridor rally covered

nine countries bordering the Baltic Sea. 14-cng- stations-in- the-first- half-of- 2016/

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