EU awards nearly €30 million grant to Axègaz LNG station project

EU awards nearly €30 million grant to Axègaz LNG station project

The LNG Motion project, initiated by Axègaz, is included on the proposed funding decision by the

European Commission to be awarded with a €27.8 million grant from the Connecting Europe Facility

for Transport (CEF-T). The LNG Motion Action aims to pave the way for a large scale rollout of LNG

fueling stations for truck transport along the TEN-T core network corridors. The proposed Action fits

with the European Union (EU) policy to reduce CO2 emission and support the use of alternative


This initiative encompasses a study to evaluate the commercial, operational, technical, regulatory

and environmental aspects of LNG fueling in truck transport. In addition, the feasibility of using bio-

LNG as a fuel option and a standardized LNG fueling payment system will be studied.

Axègaz will perform a real-life trial in which 42 LNG fueling stations are built across Europe. The

stations will be located along the TEN-T core network corridors covering France, Belgium, the

Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Romania. In addition, 200 LNG trucks will

be deployed across the EU to gather data, while 400 more will be invested in, outside of the scope of

this Action. Results of these real-life trials will facilitate the large scale rollout of LNG fueling across

Europe after the project period.

The budget was highly oversubscribed, and the European Commission selected only the projects

with the highest European added value. “A large scale European network coverage combined with a

big fleet of heavy goods vehicles will enable to convince the market of all the environmental,

technical and economic benefits of LNG as a near-future massive fuel for massive transport,” said

Edouard de Montmarin, Business Development Manager, Axègaz.

The proposed funding decision must now be formally approved by the Connecting Europe Facility

Coordination Committee, which will meet on 8 July 2016. Adoption of the decision by the

Commission is expected for end July 2016. nearly-e30- million-grant- to-axegaz- lng-station- project/

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