GASMIG in Brazil Receives Sustainability Award for CNG Project

GASMIG in Brazil Receives Sustainability Award for CNG Project

Companhia de Gas de Minas Gerais (GASMIG), a distributor of piped natural gas in Minas Gerais, an inland state in southeastern Brazil, has been recognised for its work to reduce fleet vehicle emissions by the bestowing of a Sustainable Initiative award. The announcement was made during the 8th International Sustainable Development Forum, held mid-October in Nova Lima.

GASMIG’s ‘Green Fleet Project’ aims to contribute to the reduction of direct CO2 emissions by about 20%, with the conversion of gasoline vehicles to flex-fuel vehicles (CNG-ethanol). The goal is to improve air quality and people’s livelihood, raise environmental awareness, in addition to 50% savings compared to the cost of gasoline.

Administrative director, Ana Paula Lycurgo, and the natural gas segment coordinator (CNG), Welder Souza received the award on GASMIG’s behalf. At the time, the director reinforced the company’s commitment to sustainable initiatives, describing this work as an inseparable attribute to products and services that Gasmig offers customers.

“It is very gratifying to see GASMIG in the ranking of sustainable initiatives and, even more, see her receiving the award for 2nd place among large domestic and international companies. The sustainability theme is very broad, uncontestedly relevant and is here to stay; we must disseminate more this culture and initiatives of its kind in the company,” he said.

“The importance of this award is to materialize the benefits of CNG. Sustainability is one of the values ​​of our company. CNG is known as an economic product but we must also strengthen its main benefit as a clean and sustainable product, the best solution for company fleets,” Welder added, with pride of recognition of the work of the whole team. “Our project also provides for the replacement of diesel vans with flexible-fuel vehicles, fitted with fifth generation equipment (electronic injection of gas) installed.”

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