Daimler Selects OMB Saleri to Design H2 Componentry for FCVs

Daimler Selects OMB Saleri to Design H2 Componentry for FCVs

OMB SaleriSpA has been chosen by Daimler AG as a development partner for dedicated Hydrogen components for their next generation Fuel-cell vehicles. The company was contracted specifically to develop a Hydrogen On-tank valve, a Filling Receptacle, a Check-Valve and a TPRD End Plug device.

Hydrogen safety and control components available on the market now are highly dedicated to specific projects and produced in very small lots and therefore not suitable for the ambitious project of making price competitive and mass-marketed Fuel-cell vehicles.

The scope of the project was not only to design components that would assure full reliability and performance at pressures up to 875 bar and temperatures ranging from -40° C to 85°C , but the engineering and mass production would also need to reach the goal to produce cost-effective components in order to promote the world’s first affordable, mass-market FCEVs.

The technical challenges of the project presented to OMB Saleri Spa required the creation of a dedicated multifunction Hydrogen team drawing on skilled resources from R&D, engineering and purchasing as well as the prototyping and manufacturing departments to mass-produce the components. In order to reach the project targets, advanced simulation tools were employed together with the development of new design concepts, design-to-cost processes and co-patented solutions.

OMV h2 end plug device

New facilities were testing and assembly could be performed in “controlled environments”, state of the art testing equipment and new production machines were part of the efforts that OMB SaleriSpA has undertaken to assure success of the project.

Jointly with the Automotive Hydrogen project, OMB SaleriSpA has decided to extend the development of its products to other fields of Hydrogen applications with a range of components for Material Handling, Heavy-Duty and Stationary Hydrogen Storage.


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