DNV, Shell, Rolls-Royce and MAN join for new LNG intelligence portal

DNV, Shell, Rolls-Royce and MAN join for new LNG intelligence portal

DNV GL’s new LNG intelligence portal (LNGi) aims to bring stakeholders from across the LNG industry

together to share market intelligence and contribute to the uptake of LNG as a ship fuel. Leading LNG

suppliers and engine manufacturers including Shell, the Marine division of Rolls-Royce and MAN will be

some of the first companies to use LNGi. The portal allows subscribers to assess the availability of LNG

fuel for specific trade routes and newbuild projects. It also provides information about current market

developments, as well as status updates of other alternative fuels and emissions reduction technologies

across every vessel segment.

“The LNG industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years, so much so, that it has become

increasingly challenging to keep track of all the latest developments.” explained Gerd Michael Würsig,

Business Director LNG fueled Ships at DNV GL – Maritime. “This is especially true for shipowners who

are considering the option of using LNG in their vessels and want to ensure they have considered all the

relevant factors.”

The portal’s interactive map provides information about LNG bunkering opportunities around the world

and also includes data on existing and planned infrastructure such as truck loading facilities, tank to ship

bunkering options and LNG bunker vessels, as well as detailed information on the various port and

infrastructure projects. Statistics and further information on alternative fuels and emissions solutions,

such as the uptake of scrubbers, give a broader overview of the most popular options to achieve

compliance with environmental regulations.

The Society of Gas as Marine Fuel (SGMF) will support LNGi by reviewing the data published in the portal

and providing information about LNG bunkering projects. “It is important that we all refer to a trusted

data set as the industry develops, LNGi offers just that. Benchmark information is critical in a complex

and sometimes confusing market and this data set will play an important role, accelerating

developments in this field,” said General Manager at SGMF Mark Bell.

Future LNGi features will include segment specific studies, the option for shipowners to show interest

towards LNG suppliers for bunkering in certain locations, improved AIS features and more details about

infrastructure projects and individual LNG fueled ships (information on LNG specific and supply relevant

features such as required LNG tank size and port of calls). The members will also have their say on which

features they want to see developed.


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