Business Standard Bio Fuel Programme in India – The Way Forward

Business Standard Bio Fuel Programme in India – The Way Forward

A National seminar on Bio Fuel Programme in India The Way Forward has been organised by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas on 13th July 2015, at Hall no. 5, Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi. Hon. Minister of State (I/C) Shri. Dharmedra Pradhan will inaugurate. Padma Vibhushan Dr. R A Mashelkar Chancellor, AcSIR, NCL, Pune will be the guest of honor. Shri K D Tripathi, Secretary, MoP&NG and senior officers of MoP&NG will be present. Chairman & Managing Directors of all OMCs will also participate. 

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MOPNG) is preparing a road map to accelerate the implementation of Bio-fuel program by increasing their consumption in India. A Working Group has been set up under the chairmanship of Mr. Y B Ramakrishna former Chairman of the Karnataka state Bio Fuel Development Board with the task of preparing the road map for creating synergy between various Ministries, develop awareness and conduct program in the country. As a launch pad, MOP&NG is organizing this National Seminar. 

Besides the Inaugural session, there will be sessions on Bio diesel, Bio Ethanol and Presentation on New Technologies & Initiatives. The sessions on Bio Diesel and Bio Ethanol will focus on issues and hurdles being faced by the sector and dwell on how to overcome these hurdles for effective implementation of the blending program across the country. The session on New Technologies and Initiatives will look at various resources such as agriculture residues, Municipal solid waste and plastic wastes and leading edge technologies for converting them to into fuels which can replace the fossil fuels. 

The seminar is aimed at accelerating the blending program in the country and draw up a road map to reduce the consumption of fossils fuels by replacing it with locally produced bio fuels thus reducing the foreign exchange out flow, generate rural employment and protect environment. 

Representatives of the Bio Diesel & Bio Ethanol Industry, Senior executives of OMCs, Researchers, Academics and Jt. Secretaries of several ministries and from the state governments are expected to participate.






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